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Maps of normal ozone

Mean total ozone by month:

These maps show the mean 1978-1988 level estimated using Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) data for all areas except the Antarctic and from the pre-1980 level estimated using Dobson data over the Antarctic.

Click on any map to see it at higher resolution.

This page is divided into Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Globe.

Northern hemisphere

January, Northern hemisphere February, Northern hemisphere March, Northern hemisphere April, Northern hemisphere May, Northern hemisphere June, Northern hemisphere July, Northern hemisphere August, Northern hemisphere September, Northern hemisphere October, Northern hemisphere November, Northern hemisphere December, Northern hemisphere

Southern hemisphere

January, Southern hemisphere February, Southern hemisphere March, Southern hemisphere April, Southern hemisphere May, Southern hemisphere June, Southern hemisphere July, Southern hemisphere August, Southern hemisphere September, Southern hemisphere October, Southern hemisphere November, Southern hemisphere December, Southern hemisphere


January, Globe February, Globe March, Globe April, Globe May, Globe June, Globe July, Globe August, Globe September, Globe October, Globe November, Globe December, Globe