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Year-to-Date Ozonesonde Graphs

This section contains plots of the time-altitude cross-section of the ozone partial pressure measured by ECC ozonesondes at 10 Canadian stations. Ozone partial pressure is given in nanobars. The actual data are available (typically, with one month delay) from the The World Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation Data Center (WOUDC).

Stations are ordered from south to north.

Graphs from previous years, and from other stations contributing to the WOUDC can be found at

Yarmouth 2018
Yarmouth 2019
Kelowna 2018
Kelowna 2019
Goose Bay 2018
Goose Bay 2019
Edmonton 2018
Edmonton 2019
Churchill 2018
Churchill 2019
Resolute 2018
Resolute 2019
Eureka 2018
Eureka 2019
Alert 2018
Alert 2019