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Ozonesonde directory, preliminary data

Click on a point in the ozonesonde station map above to sort the stations below by their distance from that point.
An explanation follows the table of stations, or click.

18ALERT_UA (8541 km, 354°)82.5N62.3W ..234..... 
315EUREKA_UA (8978 km, 356°)80.0N85.9W ..234..... 
24RESOLUTE_BAY_UA (9602 km, 357°)74.7N95.0W .1234..... 
76GOOSE_BAY_UA (10892 km, 334°)53.3N60.4W ..234..... 
77CHURCHILL_UA (11339 km, 353°)58.7N94.1W ..234..... 
21STONY_PLAIN_UA (11951 km, 4°)53.5N114.1W ..234..... 
458YARMOUTH_UA (11951 km, 330°)43.9N66.1W ..234..... 
526PORT_HARDY_UA (12021 km, 14°)50.7N127.4W ..234..... 

Explanation of the table:

Table headings ID, Station, Country, Lat, Lon represent the WOUDC station identification number, name, 3-character ISO country code, latitude and longitude respectively. By default, the rows are sorted by ID. Clicking on the heading changes the sort order.

Table rows. Clicking on the platform ID will open a page with profile graphs of ozone partial pressure and temperature for that site. Clicking on one of these graphs will link to a page with graphs of every flight that year at that station. Clicking on the Station name will sort the list by distance from this station. This station, having distance zero, will appear at the top of the list. The distance and starting great-circle direction (0 for North, 90 for East) to this point will be shown. This is similar to clicking on a point on the map.

The data in the rows are grouped by decade. E.g., an item in the column headed by 196- represents the 1960s, etc. A digit means there is data in that year of the decade. Click on the digit to get a page with the annual vertical profile graphs of ozone partial pressure and temperature, plus a graph for every flight in that year at that station. "." means there is no data for that station and year.

Data for flights that have been submitted to the WOUDC, can be accessed by clicking here.

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